Rules / Policies / Procedures

Our Mission: Our goal is to consistently provide the children of our community with enjoyable and high quality gymnastics instruction in a healthy and positive learning environment, which will help promote fitness for life.

Trial Class Policies: All visitors and guests will receive their first class free! This is to ensure that your child enjoys their class and our program prior to making a commitment.

  1. Upon arrival for your scheduled trial class, please see our Front Desk staff to check in. During check in, a parent or legal guardian is required to sign our liability waiver, your child will receive a name tag, and we will escort your child to class.

  2. After your child has attended their first class, please see our Front Desk staff immediately. Spaces in classes are limited, and class spots will not be held or reserved after the trial class.

Membership: Membership Fees are due annually on the anniversary of your enrollment. Membership Fees are based on a single member and any additional siblings will receive a discount. Memberships will remain active for one full year regardless of enrollment. Membership Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Monthly Tuition is due on or before the first of each month. NFGC requires all members to enroll in the our Auto Debit Program. This requires a credit card being put on file to be charged on the first of each month for monthly tuition. If you choose not to participate in NFGC's Auto Debit Program and would like to pay the monthly tuition with a different form of payment, there will be an additional $8.00 fee added to your tuition per month. Payments received after the 1st of the month will be assessed a $10.00 Late Fee per family. A $25.00 Returned Check Fee will be assessed for all checks returned by the bank. Collection services will be used if fees are not paid in a timely manner.

Our processing system has a high quality rating and ensures complete protection of your information. When credit card information is reviewed in the computer, the Front Desk staff only has access to the last 4 digits of the credit card number, and all systems stay up to date with PCI Compliance and Online Information Laws.

Enrollment Policies: When enrolling at NFGC, the following are required:

  1. NFGC's Registration Form.

  2. NFGC's Payment Authorization Form.

  3. Enrollment Fees: Annual Membership Fee, First Month's Tuition, and “Last” Month's Tuition.

All forms are located at the Front Desk or can be printed from our website at

NFGC reserves the right to change prices, staff, days and times of classes at any time.

NFGC reserves the right to cancel a Student and/or Family Membership at any time.

Calendar: NFGC stays 90% in-line with the Duval County School District. However, Duval County School closures do not automatically ensure that NFGC will also be closed. See the NFGC Monthly Calendar or the online calendar for class dates, closures and special events. Tuition will not be pro-rated for missed classes.

Discount Policies: NFGC offers a multiple class and/or a sibling discount. We also offer a discount for pre-paying your monthly tuition. Pay six (6) months or more in advance and you will receive a 10% discount off of your monthly tuition. Sorry, NO Refunds. Members are also given discounts on other products and special events.

Make-Up Policies: NFGC offers two (2) make-up classes per month for currently enrolled members. All missed classes must be made up within six (6) weeks. Make-up requests should be made at least one (1) day in advance in order to ensure that we are able to accommodate your child in class. Once you have scheduled your child's make-up class, their spot is being held in that particular class. For this reason, if you are unable to attend a scheduled make-up class and fail to notify us prior to missing the class, you will forfeit that make-up class. Competitive Team Members are not eligible for make-ups.

In order to schedule a make-up class, please do the following:

  1. Call us at 904.221.5544 or stop by the front desk.

  2. Let us know the day your child missed and when you would like to schedule the make-up class.

  3. We will schedule a make-up class for your child based on your schedule and the availability of your child's class level.

Withdrawal Policies: In order to withdraw from the program or take a break without being charged, you must fill out a Withdrawal Form at the front desk or download from our website. We require the Withdrawal Form to be completed and received by the Front Desk by the last day of the month. This gives us an appropriate amount of time to process the request, and to ensure that you are not charged on the first of the month. Once this form has been received and processed by the Front Desk, you will not incur any additional charges to your credit card unless otherwise noted on the Withdrawal Form. During the enrollment process, you were charged a “Last” month tuition that has remained on file. Your child will remain enrolled in the program for an additional month and we will utilize this “Last” month tuition to cover the final month's tuition. Verbal withdrawals are not accepted.

Methods of Communication: It is important to our company to provide above and beyond client satisfaction, and we know a huge part of that is proper and timely communication. The following methods are used to ensure each and every customer is given the opportunity to be well informed.

  1. Monthly Newsletter: Newsletters are emailed monthly, so please make sure we have your current email address.

  2. North Florida Gymnastics Website: We keep our website up to date at

  3. Online Calendar: Available on our website at or at the Front Desk.

  4. Facebook: We have two Facebook Pages. North Florida Gymnastics and Cheerleading will keep you up to date with everything happening in the gym and Team North Florida Gymnastics will keep you up to date with everything related to our Competitive Teams.

  5. Phone: Call us at 904.221.5544 for information and to check on current events.

  6. Email: For questions email us at Email is checked and responded to daily.

  7. Fax: Fax us at 904.221.6036.

Evaluations: Our lesson plans are based off of the high standards and requirements set by USA Gymnastics and are structured over an eight-week period. Our lesson plans are skill progressive within the weeks, as well as between levels to assure that all of our athletes are learning skills safely and properly. We hold our Super Star Skill Evaluations on the eighth week. The staff will prepare your child for their evaluations in class. The Super Star Skill Evaluations are to provide both the parent and the child with their progression.

Class Advancements: All move-ups are assessed individually throughout the year. NFGC uses a curriculum that is tailored to our business, but follows USA Gymnastics rules and guidelines. When our staff feels that it is time for your child to advance to a more accelerated class, they will give your child a move-up card that will have the recommended class level. The parent will need to bring the move-up card to the Front Desk to find a class time that will work with the family's schedule.

Unattended Children: We require all children not in classes to be attended by a parent / guardian at all times. If a child does not have a parent / guardian with them, the parent may be called and asked to come and pick up their child. We do not have the staff to keep unattended children safe and out of harm's way.

Drop-Off Policies: If a child is in our Preschool Program, we require a parent / guardian to be present inside our facility during their child's class in case of bathroom or emergency needs. If a child is age 6 or above, parents are welcome to drop them off at the beginning of class and return to pick up their child before the end of class. Parents must come inside to pick up their child. We do not allow children to wait for their ride unattended in the parking lot.

Viewing Area Policies: We offer two Viewing Areas for your comfort and convenience. For safety reasons, the gym is a designated area for registered students and staff only, so please refrain from entering the gym through the gates. If you wish to speak with a staff member, please let our Front Desk staff know and we will make the appropriate arrangements. Please refrain from coaching or distracting your child from the Viewing Area. For their safety, children (even the youngest of age) need to stay focused on the skills they are performing without distraction.

Concession Stand: For your convenience, we have a Concession Stand located in our Lobby. We offer drinks and snacks that are available to purchase. Please be courteous to our other clients by depositing your trash in the closest garbage can. We understand that spills happen, and we are happy to handle these appropriately. Please alert the Front Desk to any spillages that occur.

Lost Items: The Lost and Found is located at the Front Desk. We provide cubbies in the Viewing Area for our students to put their shoes, socks, phone, etc. We highly recommend that children do not bring valuables to class; we do understand that some children have cell phones. Please understand that NFGC will not be held liable for lost or stolen items.

Ready for Class: For safety reasons, we ask that your child arrive on time for class and be properly dressed in athletic attire. Jewelry, belts, buckles, zippers, footed tights, socks and jeans are not allowed. All long hair needs to be neatly pulled back into a ponytail or braid.

Feedback: We welcome our clients' feedback, as it helps us continue to grow and improve each year. Please contact our Front Desk via one of the Methods of Communication listed above.

Referrals: When you refer a friend to our program, have them inform the Front Desk, as well as, write your name on the top of their registration form when they sign-up for a class. For referring a friend, you will receive a $25.00 account credit to be used towards the upcoming month's tuition, an upcoming event, or an item from our Pro-Shop. As always, thank you for your support and don't forget to tell all of your friends to come by and sign up today!!!