Preschool Gymnastics Program

Welcome to our New 3,000 square foot Preschool Room with a Tumbling Trampoline, a New Inflatable Obstacle Course and a bunch of New Preschool Sized Equipment!

Parent Tots are 18 months to 3 years of age. This class is designed to develop age-appropriate motor & gymnastics skills, agility, strength, flexibility and body awareness. Skill circuits and activity stations introduce a wide range of movements and positions. Every class includes opening activity, 2-3 gymnastics rotations and closing activities, all based around imaginative themes.

NOTE: This is a parent participation class. A parent or guardian is required to participate in the class with their child, following all class activities as outlined by the instructor.

Monthly Tuition
$101.00 - 1 class/week
$159.00 - 2 classes/week

Gym Tots are 3 - 5 years of age. This class is designed for age-appropriate skill development, including fine and gross motor skills, eye-to-hand coordination and balance, all while building self-esteem and social skills for your preschooler. Olympic style equipment is utilized as appropriate, along with pre-school activity stations that introduce specific gymnastics skills and positions.

Monthly Tuition
$106.00 - 1 class/week
$169.00 - 2 classes/week

Sibling Discount
$20.00 off for each additional child.
Applied to the lesser of the class tuition.