Welcome to our New Facility!

Our facility offers 19,250 square feet of available space to accommodate all of our programs! We have two separate gyms. One designed specifically for children ages 18 months to 5 years old and another for adults and children ages 5 and older.

Our Preschool Gym's Equipment Includes:

30 Foot Trampoline
28' x 16' Spring Floor
40 Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course
1 Competition Size Balance Beam
4 Recreational Balance Beams
AAI Elite Kids Bar Circuit
30 Foot Vaulting Area
Assorted mats and equipment suitable for Tiny Gymnasts!

Our Main Gym's Equipment Includes:

Vault Area:
1 Competition Vault Table into Foam Pit
1 Competition Vault Table onto a Hard Landing Surface
Vault System for Level 3
Vault Trainer with Adjustable Heights

Uneven Bar Area:
3 Sets of Competition Size Uneven Bars
1 Set of 4 Star Bars
1 Strap Bar
1 Single Bar into Foam Pit and Resi Pit
2 Sets of Stall Bars

Balance Beam area:
6 AAI Competitive Beams (adjustable in height)
2 Recreational Beams (adjustable in height)

Floor / Tumbling Area:
2 Full Size Competition Spring Floors
30 Foot Tumbling Trampoline
15' x 8' In-Ground Trampoline into Foam Pit and onto Resi Pit
Spotting Belt Above In-Ground Trampoline
42 Foot Rod Floor into Foam Pit

Men's Equipment Areas:
4 Competition Pommel Horse
8 Mushrooms
2 Sets of Still Rings
2 Sets of Competition Parallel Bars
1 Set of Floor Parallel Bars
1 Competition High Bar into Foam Pit and onto Resi Pit
1 Competition High Bar onto a Hard Landing Surface

Training Mats for All Programs:
Panel Mats
Landing Mats
Variety of Small and Large Incline Mats, Barrels, and Blocks